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XAPGen for Xcode

September 10th, 2007 by enefekt

I’ve put together an Xcode project template for XAPGen. So if you have the Xcode development tools, just download, unzip, and drop the files packaged up below in the right spot, and you’re ready to rock.

After setup, in Xcode just go to File->New Project, and choose XUL->XAPGen. You have an instant XULRunner project directory ready to build. Just choose the build-and-run target, click “Build”, and you’ll see the default Hello World app get packaged up and launched all automatically.

And of course, the build-all target will build Windows and Linux distributions as well!

When naming your new project name, remember to use all lowercase.

XAPGen for Xcode

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XUL Dark Matter Series: TabPress

September 4th, 2007 by enefekt


I have been working on an authoring tool code-named TabPress. This is being built on XULRunner and is meant to be a relatively simple tool to create small learning objects delivered in a tab container.

I am experimenting with a different way of editing structured/complex content utilizing the editor and overloaded images. So far it’s working decently, but I need to conduct some more usability tests to flesh things out further.

Some quick points about the app:

  • Uses XSLT for publishing
  • Publishes content using YUI components
  • Opt-in Creative Commons licensing
  • Streamlined SWF insertion
  • Streamlined MP3 player insertion

It’s in an alpha state without any user documentation at the moment. Feel free to play around with it though and see whats discoverable. Just wanted to get this early version out there and make sure it doesn’t end up as dark matter. :)

Now at 0.3, there has been some bug fixes, enhancements with visual editing capabilities and support for themes when publishing.

TabPress 0.3 – Mac UB (20.4 MB)

TabPress 0.3 – Win (7.6 MB)

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