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XAPGen for Xcode

September 10th, 2007 by enefekt

I’ve put together an Xcode project template for XAPGen. So if you have the Xcode development tools, just download, unzip, and drop the files packaged up below in the right spot, and you’re ready to rock.

After setup, in Xcode just go to File->New Project, and choose XUL->XAPGen. You have an instant XULRunner project directory ready to build. Just choose the build-and-run target, click “Build”, and you’ll see the default Hello World app get packaged up and launched all automatically.

And of course, the build-all target will build Windows and Linux distributions as well!

When naming your new project name, remember to use all lowercase.

XAPGen for Xcode

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  1. Jerry Says:


    It seems that this doesn’t work with Xcode 3.0 yet. Just to let you know.
    (Getting error “Unable to parse the project file”)

    Hopefully this will be fixed at some point so I could test this out.

  2. enefekt Says:


    Yes, I have not installed Leopard yet, and not surprised it doesn’t work. It sounds like a number of things have changed with Xcode 3.

    When I get 10.5 and Xcode 3 set up I’ll jump on this.

    In the meantime, if you have other projects that aren’t working with Xcode 3, and you are so inclined, there is a workaround. Apple has released Xcode 2.5, which can be installed on Leopard along side Xcode 3, so you can use them both.

    XAPGen would likely work with 2.5. You can get it here:

    (or you can just use it with Ant)