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First Flex Prism App

October 28th, 2007 by enefekt

I was waiting for this to happen. Didn’t think it would happen this soon though.
The very first Prism app built with Flex.

Speaks to the pervasiveness of the Flash Player, since in the first batch of Prism apps out of the gate, one is built with Flex. It also speaks to the flexibility and strength of the Prism idea, especially since it’s already wooing prime Adobe AIR candidates: Flex developers.

A Flex app as a Prism app?! This doesn’t fall in lock step with the shining goal of the “open web” as defined by some folks.

But, man wouldn’t that be cool if Mozilla had their own user interface markup language? Oh, wait they do, XUL. Does something like this, and that Mozilla doesn’t even mention XUL with Prism mean that it’s pretty much lost the fight to Flex/MXML?

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  1. Tom Ortega Says:

    I haven’t tried the XUL language…yet. I use more ActionScript in my day job as Flex Developer than MXML. AS3 is (for the most part) a joy to code with. The thing I find most enjoyable about Flex is that the Flex Framework presents you with a way to program your own components. Meaning, you can view source on hundreds (I’ve never counted) flex components and see how to make your own. Does XUL come with that? If not, then it would take too much time for me to learn XUL on my own.

  2. enefekt Says:

    I was using Flex/ActionScript and XUL/JavaScript about an even 50/50. Now I’m doing more Flex and ActionScript 3. I think AS3 rocks too.

    You can write your own XUL components with XBL, XUL and JavaScript. And of course you can view and use the source on most of them.

    And MXML is modeled very closely to XUL, so if you’re good in one, you can whip up an interface in either.

    The problem is, is that it seems that Mozilla is putting more of an emphasis on using HTML/CSS/JavaScript for developing user interfaces. For instance, why not promote XUL as a equal with Prism? So the perceived XUL waffling that I see makes me nervous about it’s future.