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Qtrax on Mozilla: Open For Closed

January 28th, 2008 by enefekt

[Update]…and they’re gone, Matt in the comments was right. Didn’t quite have their game together.

Caught this news this morning. A service called Qtrax that allows unlimited, permanently free music downloads that apparently has the support of all the major record labels.

What I see as interesting is the client technology they are using and requiring for use. ReadWriteWeb mentions that it’s built on Songbird.

On the Qtrax site as well, they highlight in multiple spots it’s “A Mozilla Web Browser”, and a “Mozilla Based Browser”.

This is cool as it’s another use of Mozilla technology. Too bad it has so much press and is associating together Songbird, Mozilla, DRM, and Windows-only support not even including iPods. This is in direct opposition of some of the strongest aspects of Mozilla technology.


  1. Matt_ Says:

    Joost is also based on Mozilla’s XULRunner and had DRM and proprietary code , nothing new here

  2. enefekt Says:

    Joost is a streaming “television” service. Qtrax is a downloadable music service. Big difference, especially in terms of public perception and expectations. Also the downloadable music arena is very hot and topical in the news right now.

  3. Matt_ Says:

    The Point is that Joost uses the same Open source code as Songbird and Qtrax uses for thier client software and they are both content distribution services that have DRMed contet supported by advertisng and mixed with some very proprietary code that will never see the light of day .

    Joost also has a whole lot of Music Videos are indeed legal and have signed contracts with the major music labels where Qtracks is still in the negation stage unlike thier Press releases would have you believe .

  4. enefekt Says:

    Not talking about the code at all. Just about the brandage connection with Mozilla they use on their site.

    Joost doesn’t even use the Mozilla brand on their public end-user facing pages to pimp their software.