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Flash Player on 3G iPhone?

June 5th, 2008 by enefekt

Here we go again. Via MacRumors, Apple has filed a patent application that seems to cover some of the rumored features for the next 3G iPhone on the 2.0 software.

The interesting bit is what the application says about our very own beloved Flash Player:

“In some embodiments, the content can be played with a QuickTime, Windows Media, or Flash plugin”

So will this be in the distant future, or on Monday? :)


  1. Emanuele Cipolloni Says:

    More than Flash what surprises me is the fact that they mention Windows Media and QuickTime, none of them actually available on iPhone. But the sentence starts with “may be”, so may be yes or may be not….

  2. enefekt Says:

    Indeed, those others surprised me too. I sort of brushed those away like dust off a valuable treasure and focused on the “Flash plugin” :)

  3. fraction Says:

    If there is any truth to it they had better make it available for my non 3G iPhone or I’ll go crazy. Are you listening Adobe?

  4. Says:

    Where was I for the 2G iPhone?

  5. Sam Says:

    Infact Adobe have managed to develop a full working version of the flash playersuitable for the iPhone, only the security settings within the iPhone regarding Safari’s web browser do not allow this to run. It is currently unclear as to wether a flash player will be avaliable with an update (Poss. V2 of the sofware), as an app. -avaliable fromthe app. store, or if it will be up to individual users to modify their security settings (will void the warrenty), I have contacted apple on this matter and am awaiting a reply. Now we just wait to see if we really do get the “full internet” or the “watered down” version of the internet. In early release of the iPhone apple claimed it was working hard with Adobe to develop an appropriate flash player,so perhaps together they will release it within the forseeable future, especially with the iPhone 3G and V.2 software.

  6. lupie Says:

    sam, i hope that for all of us that own an iphone/iphone 3G/ipod touch, that what you say is true. cause i have been looking every day to see if adobe and apple have finally come up with something so that we can all enjoy the full version of the internet instead of the “watered down” version. by the way, like your terminollogy. i continue to keep my fingers crossed for this to happen.

  7. derKaefer Says:

    I was so close to buying an iPhone today – my current mobile contact expires in a couple of days and after having a quick play with an iPhone the other day I decided that I want one. It just feels good and seems very intuitive in it’s operation. But then I noticed that my own simple Flash based site wouldn’t load in the Safari browser. So I came home to do a little internet research and I find out the iPhone just won’t run Flash. Damn!

    To make matters worse, I was also hoping to install Firefox on it to so I can check my mail box on it whilst I’m out and about – but no, that won’t work either … Are there likely to be future solutions to this?!?!

    Now I don’t know what to do. At first glance, the iPhone is exactly what I want – attractive to look at and great to use. But I don’t know if it’s worth the extra money over and above my current contract if I’m going to get frustrated with it only doing half what it promises to …

    So near, yet so far … Do I just get one anyway? Help!

  8. derKaefer Says:

    (Sorry … I meant Thunderbird when I said Firefox above!)

  9. Flug Says:

    “In some embodiments, the content can be played with a QuickTime, Windows Media, or Flash plugin”
    I hope they it’s true and then I can load Flash videos in the Safari browser
    keep up your good work
    I will be a regular reader of ur blog