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The Browser As A Peer, is Here

April 27th, 2007 by enefekt

Brent Simmons strikes again with a really insightful post on why the whole “desktop vs web” debate is already dead. He uses the term “hybrid apps”, which is similar to an Internet Desktop App, but a more general categorization.

In the browser or out of the browser? Make that decision on an “app-by-app basis”. Look at the requirements of the project/product. No need to make blanket decisions. But there is always the considerations of you and/or your teams skill-sets. I think this is where runtimes like Apollo and XULRunner shine.

Of course though, highlighting some of the values of living outside of the browser are appropriate:

None of my browsers can provide the user interface that Twitterrific provides

Anyone who wants to do everything in just one desktop app, the browser, can—provided they don’t mind giving up protected memory and all that modern goodness.

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