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The Bitter Taste of Tamarin or Launch of the JavaScript Wars?

September 30th, 2008 by enefekt

I’ve been trying to at the very least write one post a month, so I’m going to sneak my September in here.

I always thought the Tamarin project was a nice example of an open-source move by Adobe. The JS-Harmony project definitely threw some cold water on some idealistic visions.

This Reg article apparently cites some bitterness at least for one person at Adobe regarding the fruitions of the open source contributions.

I’ll tell you what I think, that Adobe’s contribution helped stoke the JavaScript wars we’re seeing right now. And no matter how much Tamarin is sliced and diced, I think many will benefit from it.

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Mozilla TraceMonkey: Adobe Open-Source Fruit

August 25th, 2008 by enefekt

I’m not trying to maximize or minimize any specific roles in this first release of Mozilla’s new JavaScript engine, but it’s cool to see the shout out on Brendan’s post:

“I’m also grateful to Ed Smith and the Tamarin Tracing team at Adobe for the TT Nanojit, which was a huge boost to developing TraceMonkey.”

Really neat to see Adobe’s contributions helping to make such an impact, wish we could see more collaboration between Mozilla and Adobe.