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XAPGen for Xcode

September 10th, 2007 by enefekt

I’ve put together an Xcode project template for XAPGen. So if you have the Xcode development tools, just download, unzip, and drop the files packaged up below in the right spot, and you’re ready to rock.

After setup, in Xcode just go to File->New Project, and choose XUL->XAPGen. You have an instant XULRunner project directory ready to build. Just choose the build-and-run target, click “Build”, and you’ll see the default Hello World app get packaged up and launched all automatically.

And of course, the build-all target will build Windows and Linux distributions as well!

When naming your new project name, remember to use all lowercase.

XAPGen for Xcode

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XAPGen 0.1 Alpha Release

July 20th, 2007 by enefekt

If you missed the announcement post, go and read that to get the low-down.

XAPGen is a project to provide tools to help automate the generation of XULRunner projects and packaging for distribution.

I now have a first release using Ant, and have done preliminary testing on Windows, Linux, and Mac.

First, you can generate brand-new XULRunner projects just by passing in an app/project name. Then you will have a project that is ready-to-go to package apps for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Here’s what I used on the various platforms to get started:

  • Mac OS X: Xcode Tools and you’re up and running. You can create packages for all three major platforms
  • Linux: Java SDK, and Ant. You can create packages for all three major platforms
  • Windows: Cygwin, Java SDK, and Ant. You can create packages for Windows and Linux. (The Mac build relies on some UNIX tools not available in Cygwin)

There are also tasks for each platform: buildAndRunMac, buildAndRunWin, buildAndRunLinux. These will build and immediately run your app and open the Error console for debugging.

So this obviously isn’t for the projects building custom XULRunner binaries from the Moz source tree, but rather for devs using XULRunner as-is.

There is a lot of stuff that I would like to do to make this even better. And there are some really cool ways to extend this. Right now I thought I would get a tracer bullet out-the-door first. (One thing I know I want to do soon is optimize the buildAndRun tasks better)

So if you get a chance to play around with this, let me know what you think.

Check out the README file for the details.

Download: XAPGen 0.1a